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  • Author: Madeline
  • Date Posted: Nov 25, 2014
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After almost a month in North Carolina, we had to get back on track with a longish driving day to get down to my brother’s house in Summerville, SC. Almost immediately, there was a different feel to South Carolina than North Carolina and definitely more humid and beachy as we headed east.

We had to go a bit out of our way to fill up with propane, right next to Butcher Boys Hog and Deer Processing. It didn’t take Teddy long to find the big dumpster with who-knows-what kind of  smelly stuff. Dude from the propane place comes over to ask if I am “with” Butcher Boys.  Not sure why? Do I look like a Butcher Girl?





After a little tree trimming, we settled in just fine at my brother’s.




So, now we are here until December 2nd. My mom and other brother are flying in from NY on Thanksgiving for the first time we’ve all been in the same place at the same time in quite a few years. When my brother is done with his night shift schedule on Friday, we’ll have more time to explore. For now, we are working on cleaning out the RV, doing laundry, trying to catch up on homeschool and enjoying having a full kitchen and also a house with real showers! We are becoming very easy to please.

Here's A humoring me with a pic next to the Piggly Wiggly pig.

Here’s A humoring me with a pic next to the Piggly Wiggly pig. (I don’t know why I can’t rotate this picture – sorry.)


From here, we head to Florida where we will spend probably more $$ than the entire rest of the trip combined.

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