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  • Author: Madeline
  • Date Posted: Feb 25, 2015
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  • Address: 7009 South I H 35, Austin, TX 78744

Earlier on, we signed up for Passport America membership – providing 50% off rates at a whole bunch of RV parks. Little did we know that most of the places would be run-down, somewhat unsavory options and/or would have black out dates for any time that we would want to visit. (The exception being the place we are going to stay for two weeks in San Diego – exactly where I want to be and membership shaved $400 off the cost!)

So, anyway, we picked this place to use our Passport America for a few days to shave down some of our costs (and to take advantage of a fenced dog area, natch). As expected, it was kind of crummy on the side of a freeway. It didn’t help that the weather was cold and the trees were bare and it reminded me of our horrible week at the RV park in Greensboro. I’d take Teddy for a walk, stepping around the broken glass, pondering why the used car lot needed an electrical fence and trying to keep him from wanting to engage with a random guy wandering the area. Good times.

I did meet a guy in the campground dog area who was wrapping up a similar trip with his wife. His white dog was shedding so he was left to ponder whether he needed a black dog or maybe switch to white t-shirts from the black he usually wears. Big questions.

Also noteworthy – THOUSANDS of birds freaking out at the H-E-B supermarket parking lot. No one else seemed to care but I was more than a little freaked myself.


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