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  • Author: Madeline
  • Date Posted: Sep 2, 2014
  • Category:
  • Address: 1650 Gemini Pl, Columbus, OH 43240

Because I had to wait around in Indy until 2:30 to pick up an order of raw dog food for Teddy, we knew we’d be getting to the Columbus area too late to bother with a campground. K likes the Cabelas scene more than Walmart so we went out of our way a bit to stay in their parking lot, especially after wondering if there were going to be bullets flying in Des Moines. In Columbus, we were back in White Castle territory!! And, true to form, the White Castle had a bit of a crazy person vibe so we had to get it all to go. Best part in Columbus was meeting up with a dog trainer friend from San Diego and getting to go out for some girl time.

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