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  • Author: Madeline
  • Date Posted: Jan 18, 2015
  • Category:
  • Address: 100 Barefoot Williams Road, Naples, FL 34113

Seeing temperatures in the 30’s in Pensacola forced a retreat to the Naples area for nine days  to wait out the cold before heading west. Our timing is such that we will be able to meet up with my mom and her cousin during their annual Florida trip to this area. That more than makes up for our spot at a 55+ “resort” (used VERY loosely). I’m not really complaining because they were nice enough to let us stay and we had no other options in the area, but it’s pretty much a trailer park. After a few days though, we are in the swing of things and there is a beautiful community park just across the main road so we just take the kids and dog there to run around. Lot of places in the area for day trips, too. AND, did I mention temps in the 70’s all week?


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