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New Hampshire

New Hampshire

  • Author: Madeline
  • Date Posted: Oct 22, 2014
  • Category:
  • Address: Lempster, NH



This is what we woke up to every morning  when we “camped” at our dear friends’ farm in New Hampshire. With the RV pulled into a side yard and a long extension cord, we were set up for two weeks of being neighbors. These are friends I’ve missed every day since they moved away from San Diego about seven years ago. D and their son grew up from babies together and always reconnect like no time has passed. Two weeks went by in a flash as we pretty much just hung out and enjoyed living in the country. When we get to Greensboro to take a look around, I think we will go with an eye towards a little more space than what you’d get being right in town – all of us wer bit with a little bit of the farming bug (but not too much!). However, D did learn how to make an apple pie:
IMG_1385 (2)

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