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  • Author: Madeline
  • Date Posted: Oct 22, 2014
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  • Address: 117 Timberlane Rd, Clarksboro, NJ 08020

Trying to get within reasonable striking distance of major cities is a big pain in an RV. Here (Oct 13-16), we stayed on the Jersey side of Philly and it was pretty reasonable to drive into the city.  Really, though, we were there for the cheesesteaks and the pretzels and, luckily, there are good cheesesteaks (and cheese fries!) to be found everywhere – even in the little town where we stayed.

I haven’t uploaded the pictures, yet, and if I stop now to do that, I will never get caught up on these listings!

The campground was very nice, although Ted did pick up a couple more ticks and we finally learned how to use our tick removal tool more effectively. I got to have my turn taking the kids into the city and we had fun wandering around the Independence Hall area – had the place almost to ourselves here in late October. Because my outings usually center around eating, we immediately got a hot pretzel from a street vendor (only $.50!) and later had an awesome cheesesteak (and bacon cheese fries) at Sonny’s nearby. Fun day!

Our next excursion was to take everyone to see my alma mater, Villanova University. It was a rainy day so the security guard took pity on us and let us park on campus. No classes in session this week so we were free to wander all around. Some things were the same; some were entirely different.  But again, since it is about the food, we quickly went to have lunch at a restaurant I used to work at in college, Gullifties. This is the home of the strawberry cream pie I have dreamed about for 25+ years and have been trying to duplicate. Bad news – the pie just came off the menu as strawberries went out of season. Good news – the pastry chef is the same man as when I used to work there in the 80’s and he was nice enough to come out and chat and give me some pie tips AND the manager is also someone from back in the day who I remember fondly so it was a nice welcome and a delicious lunch. To top it all off, across the street is the SAME  cookie shop that was there all those years ago with a cookie made with Kalua and white chocolate chips so we had to get some to go.

On a different level of appeal, the narrow alley that led to my old apartment behind the pizza shop is still disgusting – to the point where K did not believe me that I ever lived there.

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