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Staten Island, NY

Staten Island, NY

  • Author: Madeline
  • Date Posted: Oct 16, 2014
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  • Address: Staten Island, NY

We made it to Grandma’s house! All summer, we talked about, “Can’t wait to see Grandma!” and we arrived in early September, just after Labor Day weekend – still pretty close to our original plans despite a number of detours along the way. It was really nice for me to have my mom for me and not have to always be THE MOM. I realize that I am a lot like my mom and that’s a pretty great thing to be. 🙂

Tea time is the best!

Tea time is the best!

I was too busy eating to take pics of all the yummy NY food we ate. Sometimes, I feel like this whole trip is about me eating! Seems like we practically lived at a delicious Italian deli near my mom’s house – roast beef and turkey heroes, meatball heroes, meat lasagna, homemade sauce…mmm.

We had all these grand plans for how much we were going to explore in NYC and how we were going to cram a whole bunch of homeschool now that we had library access (and wifi!) but we really mostly enjoyed being with my mom and getting spoiled so we just let the kids read books and get immersed in the Liberty’s Kids DVD set my sister-in-law bought for them. (This was a GREAT foundation for understanding what they were seeing later in Boston and Philadelphia so I guess we did alright calling it homeschool.)

K and the kids went on an overnight trip to Cooperstown – oddly, no one came back wowed but I think they were glad they went. I used to always want to go there when I was a kid but I guess I didn’t miss that much, especially now that I’m not so into baseball anymore.


We took lots of walks on Staten Island with Teddy – early morning death marches for everyone!

Trips into the city were just a few so we have lots left to do on future visits. D is pretty at home in the city, like I am. The 9/11 Memorial and Museum was very well done and a good visit for everyone in their own way. For some reason, I can’t find any of the pictures from NYC visits, except this one of A on the bus:



II’d have to say the best NYC outing was with me and the kids going to explore and managing to find a “secret” magic shop D had read about in a book. It was in a nondescript building, with no signage out front and up an elevator to the 6th floor and down a narrow hallway. Luckily, the doorman took one look at us and said, “Magic shop?” and told us where to go. The big treat was how kind and encouraging the magic guys were to D. We must have sat around there for about 40 minutes while they pondered which books were the right next level for him, pulling examples off the shelf and arguing amongst themselves – demonstrated a bunch of tricks, too. I found lots of parallels to dog training in how they talked about their craft and what it took to hone what is really an art form.

Toys R Us was a bust – much to A’s disappointment. NY Public Library 42nd Street was beautiful to walk through and we enjoyed our NY pizza in a typical stand-up-and-eat place on the street:


Practicing some tricks on Uncle Matt:

Liberty Science Center in my old ‘hood, Jersey City, was interesting for D and I – he got to check out the Rubik’s Cube exhibit and we both did this terrifying walk up on girders:

AAnd then, before we knew it, almost three weeks had gone by and it was time to hit the road again (Sept 22ish). From NY, it’s off to Boston and New Hampshire. But first, we need a pic of Teddy! Here he is with A playing Hide ‘n Seek. You can guess where A might be…


And a “groupie” pic just for fun:


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