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Portland Update

By on Jul 18, 2014 in Uncategorized | 4 comments

My blogging has been terrible because we are blowing through our data plans whenever we are away from wifi (and, of course, periodic hiatuses where I seem to have only hateful things to say). Happily, I just found out there is wifi next week at the house we are renting in Portland for five days so maybe I’ll be able to figure out why I can’t get the map pins to show up and see how to set up photo galleries in this theme or maybe just change to another theme entirely if it’s all a big pain. Trying to conserve data means that we made an effort to dig through boxes and find my old GPS (thanks, Mom!) so we have that handy in the car AND it got us more quickly onto our plan of using real life maps. I really like to know where I am and our initial plan was for our 13 year old to be our navigator for much of the trip. We are wrapping up our big stop here on Sauvie Island, just outside of Portland. We’ve been here for five nights and will add an extra night tonight before heading to Mount Hood to stay with friends for the weekend and then back to Portland for five days in the rental house. After that? We have no idea. I only managed to plan the first four weeks in the chaos of trying to sell the house right before we left San Diego. For now, some quick pictures:      ...

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By on Jul 9, 2014 in Uncategorized | 3 comments

So much for my idea that I’d blog every day with our adventures and mishaps. Seems I’m not so perky about the mishaps and slow/no internet makes it a big pain to upload pictures and stay on top of writing. But, we have at least a phone hotspot option available now and we will be staying a bit longer at our next stops. We ended up sleeping somewhere different practically every night our first week and that was trying. I hope to catch up on some blog posts this week or next and will keep the listings page current with where we are (home page but I need to figure out why the more recent stops are not showing up as pins on the map). We are currently in Crescent City, CA for three nights – northern coastal California in the land of the Redwoods and constant badgering, “Is that a redwood?” We still need to significantly pare down all the junk we brought with us and get the coach organized and figure out where we are going after July 25 but maybe we’ll find time to go see something interesting here before heading into Oregon. Here we are looking happy last night in Fort Bragg – we survived the first...

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Teddy’s First Day

By on Jul 1, 2014 in Dog Stuff | 0 comments

For those that don’t already know, Teddy is a 2.5 year old Flat-Coated Retriever. He’s almost 70 lbs and is a whole lot of dog. He also has cancer so we weren’t quite sure he’d even be here to come along on our trip. Our decision to pursue Eastern Medicine options seems to have paid off with a currently thriving young dog but cut into my time and money and effort for prepping Ted for the trip regarding training/acclimation. I’m not sure how well it’s going to go over to play the cancer card against general unruliness. “Sorry he’s humping you! He has cancer you know!” I’m hoping I can use the people’s confusion to make my getaway, “Huh? What does that have to do with him peeing on my truck??” – yeah, Idon’t know, bye! So, we are figuring it all out on the road. Things That Are Good Teddy is being trained with positive reinforcement methods. That means people smile at me when I work with him because we look happy together. No mad faces, no yelling, no droopy tail. It also means he has a number of default behaviors that come in handy, particularly Relax on a Mat. Teddy is also generally a pretty quiet dog. I’d like to attribute that to my training but that might just be his nature. So far, a few woofs here and there but other dogs have been barking more so we’re good by comparison. What We’re Working On Lots of stuff to work on, of course, but the big one for today is riding in the motorhome. Teddy can’t be loose because he will try to come up front to be with me or he will get into stuff or kids will say, “Hey, he’s stepping on me!” and it will be a big pain to sort out. Plus, he should be secured for safety. Thanks to my friend Barbara’s suggestion, we realized we could fit his giant crate in the entry area so it would be very similar to how he goes into the back of the car and right into his crate: Problem is, the step up and angle into the crate is very steep. We’re not...

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First Day!

By on Jul 1, 2014 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

We finally left San Diego – a day late. We just didn’t have it together enough to make our June 29 planned departure.  Too much junk still to pack and sort and clean and wherever we turned, we found even more stuff. If it wasn’t for our neighbor Ted (who our Teddy dog is named after) coming over to help all day and K’s sister and brother-in-law on call for disposing of the furniture and left overs, we might have decided to just set the house on fire instead. Could’ve still had marshmallows so A would have still been happy. We ended up shoving stuff randomly into boxes and piling it into the motorhome to sort later. I can’t believe how giant our rig seems when you look at it all stretched out with the car being towed + the bikes. Everyone advised us to err on the side of bigger size for actually living in and I think we are glad we took that advice. K drove the whole time today and managed well through a bunch of traffic and narrow Los Angeles freeway lanes. It’s nice tonight to have the bunk beds set up in the back so A could go to bed and we could stay up in the front of the motorhome. Our first night is at the Ventura Ranch KOA (see separate “listing” on the map page – I still need to figure out how best to use this blog template with the map feature). It’s already late, so all I have for tonight is a mystery and a bunch of pictures. Mystery On the 210 freeway in LA, a trucker pulled alongside us and gave us an urgent hand signal – his fingers opening and closing, kind of in a “talking” gesture. His face seemed concerned vs. p.o.’d so I don’t think it was a substitute for THAT hand gesture. We’re like, “What does that mean?” K thought maybe our car fell off the hitch and we had a moment of panic. Once we saw the car was still there, we thought maybe a bike was dangling. Stopped to check – all was well. Then we thought maybe he meant our rear lights...

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