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Yes, We Are Still Alive!

By on Oct 22, 2014 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

I tried to pin my lack of blogging on bad wifi and bad data plans but three weeks at my mom’s house and two weeks at our friends’ farm all came with “free wifi” and still no blog posts came of it. So, instead of trying to find just the right pictures and get them all uploaded and edited and write a long post, I’m just going to post short updates – kind of what I was doing on Facebook instead of writing here. I pulled Facebook off my phone so I no longer have that temptation. If you get too many, you can unsubscribe and just check the main home page once in awhile where you’ll find the map listings showing where we’ve been. (I’m still not sure if you can see that page on a cell phone¬† but the listing have all been updated with write-ups on each stop and even some pictures.) We are now at Assateague State Park in Maryland. This is where the wild ponies roam free! We are at the very end of the camping season so it is not at all crowded. Downside is that most of the crab places are closed but we had beautiful weather upon our arrival and plenty of time to let Teddy run and swim on the beach. Our campsite is at the edge of the “dogs allowed” section and that part of the beach runs farther than you can see in the other direction so it’s easy to find our own space. I love that loophole in the leash rules: “unless the dog is swimming and then he can be off leash.” And, of course, the best promise of Assateague camping came true this evening: the wild ponies came walking through the campground to check out everyone’s stuff around 7ish. Throughout the night, we could hear them snuffling around and whinnying to each other. The kids got a couple of pictures when they came really close and we’ll see if we get more pics to add as we continue our stay. We are looking at a lot of rain tonight and tomorrow so we might have to make it a big homeschool day until it clears....

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