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A Year On the Road…

Our family will be leaving Southern California at the end of June 2014 to embark on a year-long adventure exploring the United States. We are selling everything and will probably end up moving to another part of the country when the trip is finished. Our kids will be turning 10 and 13 and we will homeschool for a year.

Our dog is a young Flat-Coated Retriever who will probably grab the spotlight.

We haven’t quite decided on the tone of this blog but it will be somewhere between “mockumentary” (my choice) and “share zero personal information” (my husband’s choice). Mostly, we are keeping a record for ourselves and for family and friends who are following along, but I know I got a lot out of reading other traveling families’ blogs during our planning stage so I hope people in similar situations find it helpful, too.

Will we look this happy once we actually get going? Only time will tell...

Will we look this happy once we actually get going? Only time will tell… (And, yes, I do know my dog’s private parts are showing; he just likes to let it all hang out and I’m tired of editing.)


Map Tips

On the Home Page map, you can keep double-clicking to zoom in and double-right-click to zoom out. The listing can slide anywhere on the page if it’s in the way. You can move the little person figure to any area for a Google street photo view. Cool, huh? This will, of course, be more interesting once we actually go somewhere. To actually see the Map/Home page from a mobile device, you have to switch to Full Site. Otherwise, you will not see the place-by-place updates.