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So much for my idea that I’d blog every day with our adventures and mishaps. Seems I’m not so perky about the mishaps and slow/no internet makes it a big pain to upload pictures and stay on top of writing. But, we have at least a phone hotspot option available now and we will be staying a bit longer at our next stops. We ended up sleeping somewhere different practically every night our first week and that was trying.

I hope to catch up on some blog posts this week or next and will keep the listings page current with where we are (home page but I need to figure out why the more recent stops are not showing up as pins on the map). We are currently in Crescent City, CA for three nights – northern coastal California in the land of the Redwoods and constant badgering, “Is that a redwood?”

We still need to significantly pare down all the junk we brought with us and get the coach organized and figure out where we are going after July 25 but maybe we’ll find time to go see something interesting here before heading into Oregon.

Here we are looking happy last night in Fort Bragg – we survived the first week!



  1. You will be pros at this in no time. And who knows, maybe all the adjusting will make it into a hilarious screenplay one day. Best to start thinking about which actors will play you…

    • Someone suggested we have a running video going all the time. In-between the boring parts, there is definitely a lot of hilarity – mostly at our own expense, of course.

  2. Adjusting is certainly the name of the game right now! This is a huge adjustment so give yourselves permission to make mistakes along the way. Enjoy the beautiful redwoods and wild coastline of Northern California.

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