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When we were on Sauvie Island, outside of Portland, OR, I worried, “What if we have already experienced the best campground of the whole trip and it is only the first month?” Admittedly, my opinion was colored by having the Columbia River literally steps from the campsite and having a long term resident tell me to disregard the No Dogs On the Beach sign, “What? They don’t own the river!” (NY guy, natch.)

Since then, we have stayed so many places, we’ve lost track of our ordering of favorites and horribles.

For the price and location, though, I think we landed in a new Top 5 contender – Bill Frederick Park in Otlando, FL. $16.89 per night and less than 4 miles from Universal. This was A’s pick after I lamented that no one was helping me research RV parks. I think the kid is hired!

Bill Frederick is a city owned campground inside a huge public park with lake, pool, playground, biking paths and a Children’s Farm that we have not yet explored other than to aww at the baby horse through the fence. We have good showers and a laundry right here. The only odd thing with these park campgrounds is that the gates get locked and then you are on your own, hoping that you are not camping with a bunch of psychos. But, hey, we’re talking $16.89 here!

Here I am embracing being in the South and practicing parking on the grass:


Dinner was a BBQ place we passed with dancing pigs on their sign. Effective!


Rocket launch went off right on time this morning! Nice view from the campground and we could hear the delayed boom but too far and cloudy for any good pics.

Tomorrow is a day of homeschool catch up and seeking out a bagel shop that claims to have “Brooklynized” their water.


  1. Hey Mad,
    The south is not about the parking…but more about the restaurants that allow dogs!

  2. Are you planning to all the way to the keys???
    While you are down there… Should hop over to see Puerto Rico!!! Adventure!

    • Hi Tonnia! I hope all is well with your family! We are heading to the Keys on Thursday for a week, including Christmas. I can’t wait! I have a bit of a fascination with the Florida Keys and wonder if I will be tempted to stay there. Too bad the RV doesn’t float or we would be exploring more of the Caribbean!

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