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Our internet access remains sketchy as we figure out how much data we can use with our phone plans so it has been a big pain to try to update the blog with slow/no wifi on top of lots of moving from place to place over the last week. We are now in Montana at one place for six nights so we will have a chance to settle in.

I have pictures still to add from the other computer but this post is mainly a note to check the Listings on the home page for updates on where we are. If you are getting updates on your phone, I think it sends only blog posts like this one, not listings. You have to go to the home page map feature to see the write-ups (and photos later) for each stop. Double-click the map to zoom in or choose “toggle list view” to see a list of places.

Right now, we are in Kalispell, Montana and will be here for six nights to take in Glacier National Park and the State Fair and maybe Wild Horse Island if it is not too far away.

I’ve been feeling pretty good about our first several weeks going along better than expected but then a guy working in the meat place in Seattle where I found some food for Teddy dropped the bomb of, “Oh, it’s only been five weeks,” as if I don’t know what I am in for once the honeymoon wears off. Hmmm.


    • Thank you. Now that I got into the wifi I can finally get a chance to read them!

  1. Meat guy is just jealous…

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