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Grab A Straw

Grab A Straw

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We have no shortage of mysteries to confound us in our travels. I find the whole RV life curiously fascinating. First day at a new park, you get eyeballed by everyone else and then you get to eyeball the next new people.

It might very well be that I am the only nosy one but there really isn’t much else to do but watch other people walk around and check out whether they have something or if they are doing something you should know about. In fact, I’ve been working with A on how to take the power back when someone is looking at you or an adult is talking to you by making eye contact right back vs. looking away and mumbling. I guess it’s working b/c he told me yesterday, “This guy was staring at me at the the park and I looked at him and said, ‘hi,’ and he stopped staring at me.” Hmm, I don’t really know what that was about but it seemed to end well.

BUT, the staring guy was at this park that had exercise equipment set up all around, facing the children’s area:


Pedophile workout area? An insidious way to make mommies feel like they should be working out? It’s a mystery!

So the “Get a Straw” thing was on our neighbor’s shirt, with “Because You Suck” written under it. I couldn’t decide if that was creepy weird or whether I wanted one for myself. K went and asked him if he had it made but he said he found it at a store.

Living The Good Life in Naples

So, yes, we are staying in a 55+ mobile home park full of French Canadians – and VERY happy that they let us stay for nine days because it is high season in Naples, FL and there was no other place with openings.

My mom and her cousin are in Naples for their annual winter vacation so we got to see them several times.


Girls only night! With cocktails!

Beautiful heated pool at where my mom was staying. We were laying low at the 55+ place so we wouldn't get kicked out. I don't think kids in the pool would have gone over well.

Beautiful heated pool at where my mom was staying. We were laying low at the 55+ place so we wouldn’t get kicked out. I don’t think kids in the pool would have gone over well.

Teddy had a nice walk along 5th Avenue with all the fancy shops and sat charmingly for some older gentleman to pet him (full disclosure: after having a much longer walk on a less-fancy street to get his ya-yas out). I did not have an Oprah sighting but I did have some of the best chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had.

Bye to South Florida
I can’t believe it’s been almost two months now that we’ve been in Florida. As always, there are tons of things left that we didn’t do so I have lots of future vacation destinations. Florida (in the winter) was a big winner!

Sanibel Island, FL

Sanibel Island, FL

Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island

Tomorrow’s Mystery

WE leave early in the morning (good thing, too, because there was a black tank “issue” tonight that would have worn out our welcome) for a long driving day on the way to Pensacola. We are stopping along the way for one night at a place with such disparate reviews that I could not help needing to see for myself. Is the owner a crazed psycho? Or is he super nice and very friendly? Regardless, the place has a fenced dog area so that makes me very tolerant of many kinds of crazy.

P.S. Brr, lows in the 30’s tomorrow night!

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