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Our time on Assateague turned stormy with lots of wind and rain. We learned the hard way that we are supposed to cover the refrigerator vent when the rain is blowing horizontally. Luckily, we noticed the water coming in and were able to catch it all before it did any damage. The ponies stayed out of sight during the stormy weather and Teddy pined to no avail for another romp on the beach. I did catch this pic of some ponies on our way out:


A and I eventually finished reading Misty of Chincoteague together and it was fun to read the story and know that we were there with descendants of those ponies.

What was NOT fun about Assateague was discovering that D has Type 1 diabetes. We had recently been visiting friends in New Hampshire whose son was diagnosed with the same thing a few months ago so we were steeped enough in the warning signs to consider the possibility and, thus, catch it early. The small town ER did not have any pediatrics at all, let alone an endocrinologist, but it stuck in my head that there was a respected children’s hospital in Winston Salem, NC. Some quick googling ensued and we discovered that the Winston Salem hospital is actually a center for pediatric diabetes research and treatment. We quickly got the ER Dr. on board to send us there and drove practically through the night (with a stop at a Walmart for a few hours sleep).

Good news is that D was easily stabilized and only had one night in the hospital. He had to grow up really fast with all this and is making it seem easy but it’s a big change and a lot to process. We are still pondering how this will affect our trip plans. Right now, we are thinking of cutting out our plans for ski time and substituting a much longer stay in Florida for December and January.

Right now, we just moved from Greensboro to a campground outside of Winston Salem that is thankfully MUCH NICER! We’ll be here for about a week and then, depending on the weather, we’ll go explore a few other places like Mount Airy (Mayberry from the Andy Griffith show) and then come back to this campground for the remaining school open houses.

All of us liked Greensboro and now we’ll see how Winston Salem shakes out. I really like this part of the South and I think we will be happy living here when our trip is finished. Tomorrow is the Catholic high school open house and then three of the Catholic elementary schools are holding open houses in the next two weeks. The selection of elementary school will probably drive our initial choice on where to live. We were so spoiled with being able to walk to school in San Diego!

Houses seem to be running about 1/3 of the cost as San Diego for more square footage. Many houses right in town have 1/2 acre yards so you don’t have to be out in the country to have a good amount of space. We saw this house, below, online and as we drove by, I felt compelled to take a picture and say, “This is our new house!”

photo 4It seemed perfect and seeing the next-door neighbor was a Halloween decorating maven was sort of oddly attractive to us. photo 5

But, when we went back Halloween night to check it out and see what the trick-or-treating scene was like, we saw that a couple of extra tombstones were added: “Men are From Mars, Women are From Hell.” Hmm, sort of an “off” sense of humor. And, “Divorce Was My Second Choice.” OK, now we’re not so sure. The man seemed very nice and he was super talented in all the stuff he made, but could we honestly be innocently surprised if he turned out to be a psycho killer? We decided to pass on looking further at the house for sale.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Hey!

    Sorry to hear about D! I hope he is adjusting and now, of course…I’ll be googling Type 1 Diabetes so I’m in the know about it. School is just not the same without D and A. Heck, San Diego isn’t the same without you guys. We pass by your house sometimes and I fondly recall all our fun memories. 🙂 Did you mention to D that the kids missed him at the last dance? Also…so glad to see Teddy looking so healthy. And…LOVE the pic of all four of you in a tall grass field…with K and M stealing a kiss. Take care all of you and hope to be in touch (via phone or facetime)…soon!

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