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Shh, We Are Uploading a Photo…

Shh, We Are Uploading a Photo…

By on Sep 2, 2014 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

Too many wifi restrictions here and threats to cut off service if you upload pictures or look at Facebook or do anything that uses too much bandwidth. There was even a veiled threat of RVers coming after us with pitchforks b/c supposedly the internet service for the whole park will get cut off if there are too many violators. But, we all know that blog posts are incredibly boring without even just one picture.

Here we are at Custer State Park on the Wildlife Loop where you are supposed to see hundreds of buffalo and lots of other animals. We weren’t getting a lot of action so we stopped to play with the timer on the camera. We are all looking happy because this is a cheery overview blog. If it were a different kind of blog, I’d be writing about spending my time at Mount Rushmore crying because I’ve wanted to go there my entire life and I forgot the camera battery and I was stuck having to walk back and forth in the dog ghetto with Teddy because that’s what you do at National Park sites when you are traveling with a dog.



We have been making tracks across the middle of the country trying to get to NY for our time at my mom’s and for a few weeks in New England with the leaf peepers and to to see our good friends in NH. We lingered a little too long in Montana, trying to avoid any hot summer weather so now we are paying the price with longish driving days and one night stops, often in parking lots to save some money for when we can enjoy campground amenities.

The listings section and map pins have been updated with our stops along the way. It’s nice to see that we are making progress! Our time in NY is going to be when we work on getting more organized and making a plan for the rest of the year. For those that don’t know already, our house sale is final so we are not moving back to San Diego. Let’s hope we still like Greensboro when we go spend some time in November…

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  1. Love your posts and photos – so glad to read about and keep up with your fantastic adventure! In the small world category, I am sitting here at an outside track club practice that M just joined and just met and am chatting with your good friend Sally! More later – good thoughts from us here. Tell D. That M. Says Hi! Looking forward to more posts:)

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