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Single Riders

Single Riders

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When we lived in San Diego, I avoided like the plague any situation that might require standing in line for any length of time. So, while we did go to Legoland and Sea World and the Zoo, it was always at off times and never for a whole day. (That’s the glory of season passes!) I’d see other families all cranky and yelling at their whiny kids and think to myself, “Ha! That’s not going to be me because we can just leave long before it gets to that point. WE didn’t spend a fortune on this one day that must be fun, or else.”

Well, now we are facing a January trip to Disney World that is costing a relative fortune and requires a high level of fun to be had by all in order to make it worthwhile. The solution? Go to Universal Studios to practice while we are still high on celebrating our $16.89 campground just a few miles away.

K wasn’t feeling great and I wanted to see all the Harry Potter stuff so it was just me and the boys. Also our first time navigating a busy day away with managing diabetes.

First day – ugh! We dashed to the first Harry Potter ride we could get on before the lines started but didn’t check ahead that it was a stomach churner. Kind of turned D off on the rides for a little while but he bounced back, even letting us talk him into going on the Mummy roller coaster – after which, we could say about every other ride, “Well, it won’t be as bad as the Mummy…”

D's long arms make him a good selfie partner.

D’s long arms make him a good selfie partner and his good nature makes for a nice day, even when it turns out to be cold and rainy.


All in all, our two days at Universal turned out to be fun! AND, the Harry Potter stuff was good inspiration to get A started on reading the books. I wanted him to at least read the first one ahead of time so he’d know what all the stuff was about but he got hooked and is zooming his way through the series (and redeeming our homeschooling efforts).



Butterbeer was not as gross as I expected it to be. Sort of like a cream soda with a thick butterscotch cream on top.

Butterbeer was not as gross as I expected it to be. Sort of like a cream soda with a thick butterscotch cream on top.

But the best part about our Universal Studios experience was realizing that we are a Single Rider Family. Seeing a 30 minute wait and the empty “Single Rider” line, I tried to weigh whether this was a good parent/bad parent moment as the attendant looked at A and reminded me, “He’s going to have to ride by himself, you know…” and D said, “Well, it would be more fun if we rode together…” In the end, I concluded that we already spend a LOT of time together and we didn’t need 30 more minutes of togetherness in line. Once we gave it a try, we were sold! We zoomed through lines for the rest of the day and even got to ride together most of the time.


I liked walking through all the mini city street replicas and coming across “stuff” just sitting around waiting to be photographed.



Although he was oddly overlooked in the gift shop selections, there was, in fact, a life-sized Thor to be found.



Quick update from last post – the Brooklyn bagels were awesome!

We are now in the Ft. Lauderdale area until the 19th.  GREAT pics to follow in the next post.

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  1. We love your posts!!! Sounds like a fun day, thanks for the review. Wish we had been there with you.

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