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Yays and Oops

Yays and Oops

By on Jan 25, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

First, The Yays
On our way to the “maybe owned by a psycho…but has a fenced dog area” RV campground today, we discovered this awesome dog park at a highway rest stop! As an added bonus, I didn’t see it right away so I first walked Teddy the other way and did some loose leash practice so it was the ultimate reward to turn around and go to the off-leash area! I was so happy not to have to walk Teddy along the highway, I picked up three bags of other dogs’ poop just to leave it nicer after we left.


Here we are with my brother trying a random internet fix for my dead laptop. Someone said to take it apart and blow a hair dryer on a chip. I said, “Hey, I have a hair dryer and you (my brother) know how to take apart computers so let’s try it!” Kind of hilarious day for the onlookers but it’s been about two months now and it is still working!

Last “Yay” is that we had no problems (so far…) tonight at the RV campground with the weird reviews. Owner was super nice and even offered his adjacent piece of land if we wanted to give Teddy more room to run.

And, Now, The Oops


It doesn’t look QUITE so bad here because we are almost out, but we ended up in a weird shopping center parking lot where the last two rows were dead ends. Didn’t expect it until we turned in and got stuck with the RV and the car attached behind. Some lady was all mad, “Hey, I’m trying to get out here!” but there was nothing we could do but unhitch the car as quick as possible and try to back out. Luckily, K is very quick at this now and the two cars in the spot you see K backed into also left right then. Whew!


This was actually an Oops from last night but no one really wanted to talk about it then, as it involved a Black Tank issue. Supposedly, you are not a “real” RVer until you have a legit Black Tank Issue. I think this one qualifies because no on wanted to go out and document any of it. All I can say is that it turned out to be a blessing that we were assigned the way-in-the-back spot right by the dump station and the trash (and that it rained last night) because it will not be entirely clear that any odor is our fault. A is happy to explain:

(And, the fact that I can now post video is a big Oops turned into a Yay. Turns out D somehow hijacked my Google/YouTube account and that’s why I couldn’t access it. Seems fixed now and video blogging is highly amusing to all of us…)

Tomorrow we are off to Pensacola for five nights. We are splurging on an RV park right on the beach on the Gulf of Mexico. Why this particular park? Because they allow dogs on their beach! (No dogs on the city beaches.) I am really looking forward to a family reunion with my cousin (and Godfather) and his family I have not seen in many, many years but it feels like yesterday. Several of the grandchildren match up with my kids’ ages so they are all looking forward to a big get-together.

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